INFUSE Lawsuits Abound

Minnesota-based medical device developer and manufacturer Medtronic is facing more than personal injury lawsuits from INFUSE Bone Graft patients. Medtronic investors have again filed a class-action suit against the company and its officials for fraud. If the courts find that Medtronic officials misled investors by covering up the problems with INFUSE by manipulating research results, this would smoothen the way for personal injury plaintiffs. Medtronic CEO has also been accused of hiding the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had denied another version of INFUSE called Amplify.

However, Medtronic had already successfully settled a shareholder lawsuit over INFUSE in 2012 for $85 million without admitting to any crime or culpability. If Medtronic is able to settle with investors this time around, the lawsuit will not help individuals who are currently suffering the side effects of INFUSE prove their case.

The INFUSE product is supposed to help people with specific bone grafting needs in the spine and the mouth. It is not approved for the neck area or the cervical area of the spine because there is the possibility of overgrowth which can lead to pain, infection, and other complications that may require multiple surgical interventions.

Many patients currently suing Medtronic were not aware about the problems associated with INFUSE or the dangers of off-label use until after they began to suffer serious complications. Many patients claim that INFUSE has made a bad situation (original complaint) worse. Bone problems aside, INFUSE has been implicated in an increased risk of sterility and cancer. If you have suffered serious injury or medical conditions caused by the product, you may have a valid claim for compensation. It would not do to wait too long as the statute of limitations may run out.

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