Oil rig job

I’ve made a new friend recently, which wouldn’t be news normally, but this friend happens to have a job opportunity, which I find both tempting and intimidating.

The job is working on an oil rig.

Now, I’ve got no experience in this area—it’s not something I’ve ever considered doing before, not even close—but this new friend assures me that’s not important. His uncle runs a rig somewhere out in the ocean (he pointed in the direction, but that didn’t help much), and he (my friend) is going out to start work next month. And he (my friend still) wants company.

That’s how the job came about. We hit it off and since he enjoys hanging out, he offered me a place as well.

The offer has kind of blindsided me, to be honest. I always imagined I’d get a big job somehow, but I didn’t see it in this field. I had intended to go back to school, get into accounting or put them money down finally and become a lawyer. But school is so expensive these days, and I’m just not motivated enough. I like the idea of the money and prestige of big, fancy jobs, but I don’t actually care about the professions. I’d rather watch lawyers on TV than be one.

So, if this is my big job, the obvious choice would be to take it, right?

There are plenty of positives to consider. The money is excellent. It’s far more than I’d make anywhere on shore with the kind of work experience I have. And the scheduling is interesting. I’d work 14 12-hour days in a row and then have 21 days off. That’s a lot of time to get out in the world and spend my money. With money and a lot of time on my hands, I could save up and travel. Or I could save up for a house. Or maybe, I could just save up for that law degree or something similar.

But there are negatives as well. I’m not so excited about 14 days without sight of land, on a big metal island floating above the Atlantic. I’m not super excited about 12-hour days doing work I don’t understand either (though my friend says I’ll start with the easy stuff and get training).

And then, it’s not the safest job. I’ve seen Deepwater Horizon. It’d be one thing if that were an exception, but it seems to me, based on my research, that working an oil rig is always dangerous, every day, even when Mark Wahlberg isn’t around.

I just don’t know what to do, when it comes down to it. The idea is exciting and terrifying all at once. But, I think, when I really force myself to think over, that I just don’t have what it takes to do it.

I think I’ll pass. I just hope there’s another big job waiting for me out there.

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