Types of Theft

According to the website of Karen Alexander, Attorney at Law, theft, also known as larceny, is described as illegally taking or carrying away of another person’s property with the intention of depriving the person permanently. The term “theft”, however, has a broad meaning in legal terms, and it can cover a number of categories and level of degrees of crimes. Theft can be done in a number of ways: petty theft is theft of property whose value is less than a state’s specified amount, while felony theft or grand theft is theft of anything over the state’s specified value.

Other types of theft depend on each jurisdictions categories or classes. Embezzlement is a type of theft committed by a person who appropriate property trusted upon them through fiduciary duty. Burglary is considered theft, whether it is forced entry or trespassing. Account to some Waukesha Criminal Defense Lawyers, robbery is theft by force or fear and this type of theft can have harsher punishment if a deadly weapon was applied. Theft by deception comes in two types: false pretenses where a person misrepresents the truth in order to acquire property, and larceny by trick you ask permission to borrow but was not given consent. Possessing stolen property is called theft by possession, and anyone charged with this crime should prove that (1) you don’t have possession, (2) you were not aware that the item is stolen property, and other proof of theft.

To counter a theft charge, you should prove that intent was lacking in the committing of the crime. Because theft is generally an intent-crime specifically, it must be proven that the intent to deprive the owner permanently of the property was present when the act occurred. This provides a good defense, as this is not an easy thing to prove.

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