Where to Stay in Milwaukee: The Pfister Hotel

The city of Milwaukee is a city that prides itself on being in touch with both the modern era as well as its historical roots. Are you going to be visiting the city any time soon? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, The Pfister Hotel is one bound to impress.

The hotel is one of the historical landmarks in itself as it was completed in 1893. In its own time, it was one of the more innovative places around. One of the first to offer such luxuries such as electricity, thermostat controls, and even fireproofing, this hotel has always been one step ahead from the get go. While it still retains its historical roots, it remains to continuously improve as well as provide its guests with not only an authentic experience but also a comfortable one.

Staying at this hotel is to submerge yourself in culture and art as it prides itself on having the largest collection of Victorian art in the world. A tip for tourists when checking into this hotel is to check into one of the older rooms in order to truly get the genuine Pfister experience. Beauty surrounds its every nook and cranny, perfect for those snapshots that will definitely be worth remembering.

Rumor has it that the hotel is even home to a few ghost stories. Typical, for a building of its age, but if you want to find out the truth for yourself: why not try a stay? There have been no reported extreme incidents but there have been some stories that have been shared here and there. If a full experience is what you’re looking for, a stay at The Pfister Hotel is one that is sure to deliver.

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